Frequently Asked Questions

How can get my free APEX Gateway webpage?

The APEX Gateway webpage is available to all active subscribers of the APEX Driver app. Subscribers must also have a custom invite code that they created during initial registration. You will receive an in-app notification with your link once GonzoBOX has created it. Your webpage is a free feature included with your subscription.

I didn't customize my code when I first registered. How can I customize my code?

Please send an email to to request your custom invite code. If your requested code is available, they will make the change and let you know.

I am already an active subscriber on the APEX Driver app. How can I access my free webpage?

Simply access your free webpage by adding your custom code (if you created one when you first registered on the app) to the end of the APEX Gateway website link. Just add a forward slash followed by your custom invite code.

Example: This website URL is "". Therefore, the user with the invite code of "APEXGONZO" will add "/apexgonzo" to the end of the URL resulting in the following link - ""

Why did I get the message, "OOPS! THAT PAGE CAN’T BE FOUND" when I tried to lookup my page?

The free webpage is a feature that is managed by GonzoBOX LLC. Every page is currently in the process of being built and will take some time to complete. However, we want you to start promoting yourself right away. To expedite this process, please contact and let them know that you want your webpage ASAP. Your webpage creation will move to the front of the line.

How can I change my photos and/or bio on my page?

Your photo of you and your vehicle, as well as your bio, are taken directly from your APEX Driver account. So, if you would like to make a change, simply update your photos and/or bio in your APEX Driver app. Don't forget to "Save" your information when making an update, and also notify to speed up the approval process, and to speed up the update to your webpage.

For best results, please upload a square or landscape profile photo, & a well-lit landscape vehicle photo that is around 500 to 750 pixels wide. Portrait (vertical) photos do not work as well, especially if uploaded with an Android device.

I want more on my webpage. How can I include more photos, include my referral links to other apps, share my social media links, or business links, etc? Can I have a more colorful, customized page better suited to me?


COMING SOON!  You will have the option to upgrade to a customized page, better tailored to your likes & your business. After all, we want you to flourish as an entrepreneur & self-employed rock star!

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